Donate and help as!

Youth club „Novi val“ has launched a new website ( with the aim of launching fundraising campaing for the t projects which already started.

The new web site is designed to allow for the first time that people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as our members around the world, can make a donation through credit cards directly through our web platform.
We know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a third world country and payment and donation services are largely dependent usualy on Paypal services, because of that we decided to make an opportunity for direct donation with partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
For almost 5 years youth club „Novi Val“ has been trying to integrate the donation system for our organization in various ways, where we encountered many obstacles but we have been trying hard and eventually succeeded.
A campaign called “Donate and little push us” came from the idea of our members and donors around the world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individual donors who have supported the Griffon Vulture reintroduction projects this all year protecting the donkey of Herzegovina, developing the Eco Center Blagaj, developing climbing sports and many other projects and activities.

We would like to pay special attention to the media that have been with us all these years and have been following our activities. We hope that media will folow this activity too.

Once again, we invite the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as our members across the globe to join our “Donate and help us” campaign, also to folow our activities and launch new projects.

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