International Earth Day is celebrated throughout the globe, in almost every country in the world, on the same day: 22 April. And it all began about fifty years ago in the United States, when mass environmental demonstrations were organized. In our homeland the day dedicated to the planet Earth has been organized since 1990.

It’s a day when everyone should think and ask themselves: What can I do for our Earth? How can we help save our planet – our only home we have – from pollution and destruction and preserve it for ourselves, our children and those who come after us?

The solution to many problems can be found in education. Education is a lifelong process, it is never too late! Educate yourselves and others – what we do in an attempt to save our own home – planet Earth!

The development of human civilization is closely linked to the Earth’s natural resources, which provide food, water and all other necessities for a healthy life. Increasing human population has led to the overexploitation of these natural resources, which is a problem today. Guided by their well-being, humans have become major environmental pollutants. When pollution became a threat to health, intensive work began to repair damage and restore balance in nature!